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Marching Band Show Day Hints

October 6, 2011

1. Have a clear idea of what portion of your program you want to perform at your first show and when you want the entire program on the field. This allows you to plan rehearsals accordingly.

2. When choosing which competitions to attend, make sure you consider:

  • Experience level of the band
  • Travel distance and budget
  • What competitors you will see
  • Parent attendance
  • Quality of adjudicators' feedback
  • Time frame of show within the season

3. Have a clear logistics plan of the show day.

  • Will you rehearse before you leave school? If so, how long?
  • When will you leave? How long before your performance time do you need to arrive?
  • When and who will unload and load the truck?
  • What are students responsible for bringing with them on the bus?
  • Make sure you budget time for meals and restroom breaks.
  • When will you warm-up and what will you do in warm up? Will visual and music warm-up be separate? Are there time limits for warm-up?
  • Familiarize yourself with the rules of the circuit and show sponsor.

4. Prepare students for how the day will go. Let them know where the judges sit. Warn them if there are field judges.

5. If a critique with adjudicators is available make sure you are prepared to speak with them about how to improve your program.

6. Educate students and parents on competition and how to behave during awards.

7. De-brief students after their performance as to how things went. Make sure you ask them how they felt they performed.

8. Talk with students after awards to make sure competition is kept educational.

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