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New Shows for 2019

Something Wicked This Way Comes Colors Of Jazz AC/DC Chicago Earth, Wind & Fire Led Zeppelin Motown Magic Video Games Live Aztec Gold Funk Standards Jimi Hendrix Aerosmith Just Dance Lady Gaga Stadium Rock Aaron Copland Carmen Chase Foo Fighters Grease Heavy Metal Riverdance Rock Heroes Simon & Garfunkel West Side Story 21: ADELE Beatles, The Latin Magic Pirates of the Caribbean Rock The House South of the Border Stevie Wonder Styx Wild Wild West Bruno Mars Don't Stop Me Now: QUEEN Eighties, The Fall Out Boy Green Day Star Wars: The Force Awakens Toon Tunes Portrait of a Nation Earth, Wind & Fire A Little Night Music Greatest Showman, The Mangione Magic Coldplay: The Journey Within Urban Rhythms Carmen Celtic Legends Comic Book Heroes ICON Kiss North and South Star Wars: The Force Awakens All Aboard! gLee América Latina Cops & Robbers Latin Sketches Ray Ritmos de Passion The Sound of Simon Classical Voyage Green Day Kenton Standards Les Misérables Nightmare Before Christmas Phantom of the Opera Phantom of the Piano Studio Primal Styx Surf's Up! West Side Story Wild Nights Blues Brothers Harmonic Journey Jesus Christ Superstar Lights, Camera, Action! redHOTradioCITY RENT Road Trip Total Recall Disney Magic Summer Nights Flight Grease Russian Fantasy Fiddler on the Roof Lifescapes Man Of Steel New World Symphony Sci-Fi Adventures Spanish Images Wicked Colors Comic Book Heroes Mamma Mia Mangione Magic Music for a Darkened Theatre Shades Of Latin Pentatonix Rock Art Time Machine Interstellar T.O.P. In Concert The Race Are You Ready For Some Football? In The Limelight Night Watch Phantasm Spanish Images Symphonic Journeys When Kings Go Off To War ELVIS! transFUSION American Images:  Aaron Copland BLOOM: Spring Has Sprung! Dark Shadows Dreamgirls Jesus Christ Superstar Piano Man: The Music of Billy Joel Playlist: DANCE MIX Spy Games Beatles, The: A Day In The Life Distorted Earth, Wind & Fire FEAR La Rosa Land Of Make Believe Light Mask of Zorro Riverdance The Planets Beatles, The Black Widow Dia de Los Muertos RENT Summer Of Love The Sound of Simon Kenton Standards Pandora Reopened Primal Sounds of the Sixties Stand Up, Stand Out Twisted Wonderland Ascensions Chase Phoenix Rising Sideshow Styx West Side Story What Happens In Vegas 007 Beatles, The: Magical Mystery Tour Carmen Project, The Disney's Fantasmic! OZ Pirates of the Caribbean QUEEN Sir Elton John The Fab Four Thoughtcrime: 1984 Wild Nights An American Revival Compass Crazy Little Thing Called Love Is This The Real Life - QUEEN Nightmare Before Christmas Rebellious Uncharted BEATLEMANIA One Giant Leap Flight Land, Sea, & Air Music of Howard Hanson iBand Jekyll & Hyde Spy Games American Images:  Aaron Copland Starscapes UPrising Warscapes Classical Innovations Immortal Beloved: The Music of Beethoven INVINCIBLE Of Knights And Dragons Awakenings: The Music of Joseph Curiale Mangione Magic Carmina Burana Latin Dances Planet Earth A Beautiful Mind A Defiant Heart: Dmitri Shostakovich Landscapes: The Music of Ron Nelson Minimally Speaking Frameworks Kaleidoscope The Witching Hour The Quest: KA Out Of Darkness

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Guard Choreography
Band Choreography

AVBundle® Guide

This unique product consists of a complete pre-written drill design, packaged with 3 to 5 musical compositions or arrangements. Designed for the band with individual budget or time restrictions, the AVBundle brings some of the world's best composers, arrangers, and drill designers into your band room. Six unique series' offer drill half-time* up to competitive grade 4 drill and music. Each drill is easy to adapt to most any band's instrumentation with drill sizes for small to large bands**. Musical themes include a wide variety of classical, symphonic, broadway and rock/pop.

*Our grade 1 series is specifically designed for beginner and "Friday-night" bands.  They are ideal for those bands without the time or resources to put together a complex field show and/or simply want a crowd-pleasing production. Competitive use is left to the discretion of the customer.

**See individual show information for available drill sizes.


  1. Piano Man: The Music of Billy Joel
  2. QUEEN
  3. Comic Book Heroes
  5. Shades Of Latin
  6. Rock Art
  7. ELVIS!
  8. Night Watch
  9. Motown Magic
  10. 007
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