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Percussion Shows

Spies Neurology Dreamscapes Underworld Pinball Curtain of Night Rock Star Cyprus Immortal Beloved The Big Bang The Cave Medieval Sketches The Cosmos Puppet Master Pirates! Visions Carmen Pursuit Riddle of the Sphinx Circuitry Relativity Clockworks Song Dynasty The Storm Medusa It's About Time... Pandora's Box ACME! (A Compulsive Musical Explosion) Rise and Fall of Rome Connected Africa Midnight In Transylvania Universal Duality Canopy of the Amazon Space

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Row-Loff Productions

Percussion Series

Creative Solutions pioneered this innovative and affordable product in 2003 and now percussion ensembles throughout the country can benefit from a world-class professionals at a fraction of the time and cost. These all-inclusive productions are the perfect fit for any size of group at any performance level. Whether you are exploring starting an indoor program or you already have one, we have the show for you.


  1. Pirates!
  2. Easy Show 04
  3. Pandora's Box
  4. Medium Show 04
  5. Medium Show 09
  6. Immortal Beloved
  7. Medium Show 01
  8. The Cosmos
  9. Rise and Fall of Rome
  10. Dreamscapes
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